Miltonia Orchids - 3 Tricks to Make Your Miltonias Smell Amazing

Published: 18th May 2011
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If you are searching for orchids that look and smell amazing then you probably want miltonia orchids. These orchids are also a lot of times wrongly called pansy orchids because they are said to resemble the vibrantly colored blossoms of the same name. This is a fact that most people (except serious growers) make.

In reality, miltonias look like oncidiums more than pansies. It's the miltoniopsis orchids that are pansy-like. But the growing requirements that these two kinds of orchids have are rather different from each other.

Miltonias are known to be one of the least difficult plants to grow because they can be conveniently grown either in greenhouses or inside a regular house. They provide one of the greatest-smelling flowers of all of the types of orchids. These plants can grow up to 50 centimeters in height and the blooms can have various colors ranging from dark purple to white.

Its great-smelling flowers can last up to 4 to 6 weeks in bloom. This type of orchid is actually one of the more enticing orchid in terms of color and fragrance. A robust orchid not only guarantees the beauty of the blossoms, but it also helps produce the plant's most amazing smell.

If you wish to grow these plants successfully and have their blossoms giving off an incredible smell, then I suggest you follow these 3 tricks:

Keep them out of direct sunlight. Miltonias' light requirements are less compared to most kinds of orchids. They thrive best in low light. In greenhouses the maximum sunlight they can tolerate is only 50%. During the summer make sure that they are fully shaded. You can determine this by just holding their leaves. If they feel cool then they are placed perfectly. Inside your home place them near windows with net curtains to allow the lowest light possible.

Another way to know if the light requirements are being met is by looking at the color of its leaves. Provide them with more light if the leaves are dark green and more shade if they are yellowish-green or reddish.

Providethem with adequate water. In order for miltonias to create fragrant blooms, you must water them correctly. Unlike most kinds of orchids, these plants need lots of moisture. They need to be watered constantly no matter what the season may be. The moisture requirement is almost the same even during summer and winter. Water them once or twice a week depending on the humidity. Do this if possible during mornings so the soil would have time to dry out by the end of the day.

Feed them fertilizers. Another important thing to keep in mind if you wish to achieve fragrant smelling blooms is to provide them with a good source of nourishment. Plant food that are filled with nitrogen would be the best choice. Feed them once a month.

When feeding them fertilizers, be sure to flush out any salt residue that may harm your plants and injure the roots. Liquid fertilizers must be applied after watering the orchids. With regards to manure, do not forget to keep it away from the new shoots to prevent them from getting burned.

Miltonias orchids are famous for their vibrant and great-smelling blossoms. To always achieve great-smelling and vibrantly colored flowers, great attention must be paid to cultivating them. Robust and fit orchids will not only ensure the longevity of these orchids but will also give them the great-smelling blooms that they are famous for.

In order to achieve this you must follow these 3 simple tricks. Because they are one of the least difficult types of orchids to cultivate, in no time you'll have them blooming with flowers that will make any place smell incredible.


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